Events 2015

Event details for WSO Liverpool.  We will continue to update this page between now and October as the events are finalised.  Running orders and times are subject to final confirmation.

We are delighted to announce that Adam Partridge has very kindly offered to be our auctioneer at The Brink on 5th October.

????????????????????????????????????  New_21) Art Auction Mon 5th Oct

Here are the posters for the majority of the events being held in Liverpool

8) Birkenhead 6 form college 2nd October New_19)Baltic Social Sun 4th Oct New_18) Irish Centre Poster Sun 4th October New_17)Zanzibar poster Sunday 4th October New_16)lantern theatre Sunday 4th October New_15) Magnet 4th October New_14)Sound, Food & Drink Sun 4th Oct New_11)Stanley's cask 3rd October New_10)WSO Liverpool Acoustic Saturday 3rd October New_2) Zanzibar poster Thursday 1st October New_1) WSO_MagnetPoster 1st october 2015 New_23) We Shall overcome listings New_22)We Shall Overcome Exp version (2) New_9)Pilgrim 3rd October 2015 New_8) 24 Kitchen St 3rd October New_7) NordicChurch 2nd October New_6)Casa 2nd October New_5)The Brink 2nd October New_4) Ethical Glass 1st October New_3) LanternPoster Thursday 1st October

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