WSO: Liverpool

We Shall Overcome (WSO) is a Nationwide group who are anti-austerity & pro-community.  It was launched as a reaction to the 2015 Election.  Many friends who are musicians and artists felt that further cuts through austerity would hit the most vulnerable in our society even more than they had in the past.
Working under the tagline ‘A Raised Fist and A Helping Hand’, we decided to use our events not just to oppose austerity with words, but through our actions, to help those suffering most under it.
We are NOT a charity, we are NOT associated with any political party or movement but by running WSO events we are taking a stand against a program that is directly hurting people in our community.
What makes WSO different is that we use our energy to work at easing the burden austerity has on our communities.  Each event is used to directly help the community in which it is based.
Nationally, WSO 2015, raised approximately £125,000 in much needed funds and commodities, all going to the local communities where events took place.
WSO Liverpool & Merseyside is part of that main group.  In our first year, 2015, we put on 20 music events throughout Liverpool and Birkenhead. We also had an art auction which took place at The Brink, with Adam Partridge as our auctioneer – 136 pieces were donated by local and national artists to our auction.  Last year we helped The Whitechapel Centre, The Wirral Ark, The Trussell Trust, The Spider Project, The Brink, The Black-e and South Liverpool Voluntary Inclusion Programme.  Also, Everton in the Community & Steven Naismith helped us with a food collection at the Everton v Liverpool derby.  This year we would like to do more.
The WSO Liverpool & Merseyside events will take place between 1st – 9th October and include 19 music events, 1 comedy night & an art auction. Details of this years events can be found under the heading “Events 2016” – posters will be completed very soon.
Thank you for all from the bottom of my heart for all of your support last year, let’s better it this year.

3 Responses to WSO: Liverpool

  1. Ray Doyle says:

    I represent a band of teenagers called the undecided all aged between 17-18 who do a lot of original materiel and a few well known covers we would love to play at one of your events in and around the Liverpool area You can see some of our more recent performances on our Facebook page


  2. Irene Davies says:

    I could donate a PAINTING!!


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